I Need You



[This is more of a tune rather than a poem, to be specific, a Lauryn Hill tune.]

I love this life I share with youI can’t take my eyes off of you
I need you all night and day
Can’t help myself from just wanting to stay
Wrapped up in your love so tight
This soul dance a delight
To add you and me
Precious hearts just be free

I love this life I share with you
I can’t take my eyes off of you
Got me feeling safe and secure
And begging “please forever!”
Your sweet touch is so fine
Kissing the chills on my spine
Our hands together tight
As we walk by His guiding light

I love this life I share with you
I can’t take my eyes off of you
We only smile so they don’t detect us
But we laugh because it’s infectious
This perfect love between souls
Is something everyone should hold
In our time you’ll only find
The true meaning to ‘sublime’

My handsome baby
I need you daily
And through all these lonely nights
I’ve got our future in sights
Like stars set across the sky
All we’ve got to do is try
I love this life I share with you
I can’t take my eyes off of you.


**Artwork and writing is a product of Chris[tine] Alise Harris – Teal Feathers Art.


Sea Salt Wisdom

Heavy feet down the dirt road
demand absolute balance.
A sticky and refreshing film of sea salt
accompanies your travel
and your bare toes.
Cascading in the whirlwind

the wild unruly wind
dries the clay of the dirt road.
Creases and cracks develop around the toes
and statue like balance
brings a halt to your tiring travel
as sea salt patina sets in.

Sea salt seasons
the blandness of the wind whipping.
travel is no longer unintelligent
although you are now a part of this dirt road.
With the balance of Aristotle
dependent on all muscles, even those in your toes.

Toes get stubbed, dropped on, cut and roughed up
and sea salt heals the wounds.
Alleviating the knife tight tension.
Softening the wind
from drying this dirt road
you travel in search

for travel less tough.
Begging your toes not to freeze up.
Understanding more twists and turns of the dirt road.
Taking in the sea salt
wherever the wind blows
for that perfect harmony.

Balance is flexible,
travel isn’t always light,
and directional wind changes
build strength in the roots.
Adding flavoring to life
taken on this long dirt road.

The perfect balance lies in our toes
as we travel and feel the sea salt wisdom
whipping from the wind down that long dirt road.

*This is another piece I had to do for a writing class. I hope you enjoy and I am open to critiquing!