Midday Love Moments

It’s been over 365
never less than a euphoric vibe

From that first day you told me what’s inside

I knew my life would change

Change for the good and for the better

Got my body light as a feather

And my mind set on forever

With you, I’m locked in.

Locked in this look

Of everything it took

When we came together, ground shook

And everyday it grows

It’s growing into the depths

Of my heart which was once inept

But each day, a new step 

Into the direction I call home

Home is your touch

And the way we smile so much

Or the numerous ways you make my whole body blush

And each way you delight my soul

Please know that you delight all of me

Because together we can just ‘be’

No pressure, no struggle…just free

Loving so unconditionally. 

Loving as King and Queen

Loving with the same magnificent dream,

A vision of love so clear and clean

Feeling like a once in a lifetime kind of thing! 


Love Rythym

With love

from above

Like a dove

I’m struck

I can’t help but to feel

Those precious ways that you seal

The love that you deal

To me, soulfully 

Undoubtedly, it’s become

The second breath I’m coming from

No longer fitful and numb

I’ve opened up

I can’t begin to even tell you

All those things your spell did do

Like life has finally started on cue

With me and my one and only, (you!)

To have and to hold

To grow fond and old

Built only for the bold

Like this love I’ve got for you 

Twin Flame

An old favorite of mine… Thought it deserved a second look for the first time in a few months!

Teal Feathers

It starts with a match
lit with commitment.
Set to some kindling
with calm excitement.

You wait for the catch
the spread of the heat.
The dry splintered pieces
placed, stacked and neat.

The mesmerizing embers
begin their dance and spread;
the silent life of the fire
without even a word said.

With a stir comes the heat.
I can feel it on my skin;
warm and dry, quick and fast.
More comforting than ever been.

The smoke is thick and gentle,
small breaths crackle and pop.
The red and orange reaches higher
underneath it burns white hot.

It stokes with another log
ash fireflys spread their wings.
A manifest of the same flame,
a twin flame is now seen.

The crossover of embers
the share of once one blue flame
dances in their comfortable light
without the worry of rain.

Burning a heat so colorful and hot
can overwhelm…

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I think

  I think of when it started, and I really can’t be sure.

I just know I felt for you like no other could concur. 

It’s great, it’s wide, its deep and pure and true. Given we can let it be –

Because you and I’ve had trials…a blur is what we see. 

The unknown still consumes us as we tread now, forever softly

But the beaten path proves justice to even those who walk wearily.

I can’t stop it, and I don’t want to

These feelings and passions that have bled their last few.

Drips of sunlight, and happiness, and peace 

The mass of discomfort, unloving ability and trashed vocals has ceased. 

I give you my heart and I beg of you to take care of it,

To love me unconditionally and forgive me when you see fit.

To take my hand and tell me it’s going to be alright

Because baby, I don’t want to fight.

Not anymore, not ever, it’s just not me

To understand that people can still feel passionately and deeply. 

That someone could actually love…me.

Old Friend in Nature

rain pictureThe rain is loud enough it has silenced my thoughts. I have had a breather for but a mere moment… as long as mother nature decides I may need one. For this – I am thankful. Life has simply been pouring down on me but when I look up and smile into the rain, I can’t help but feel a joyous upheaval of emotions because it is never “the right time” although, in fact, the right time will never come if you wait.

It began raining tonight. First a little, then a lot. Then it drifted off and across the field; I could see it like an old friend waving me hello. Then it came back with the booms and blunders of the thunder, the lightening, and the eager calls of the crickets. Now it’s gentle, soft and welcoming – like a child’s hand stretched out needing you… As the moths flicker into the enticing light hanging out by the door one may wonder if they are escaping the droplets, surely because it would be cause for death to such fragile wings. The seeping water shows its face into the wood, the screen, I can even feel the misty splashes upon my forehead and cheeks, forearms and bare feet slid out of my favorite flip flops.

The rain washes things away – the mud on the road ahead, the dustiness of the path less traveled, the leaves from the trees – and always reveals something beautiful. For your road ahead is now clean, the path is worn enough to see, and those leaves….those leaves turn into all shades before they fall and then come back again with unforgiving desire to be better and stronger.

I’m so glad I wrote tonight. It feels like oxygen to my lungs and blood in my veins when my thoughts come together long enough for me to get them on paper… Cheers everyone!


On The Table

Lock and key,
for me.
For you,
it’s true.
So new,
just for a few.
My heart,
your dart.
Infectious passion
in unwavering fashion.
Unfamiliar becomes
the familiar succumbs.
The absolute one
my surrender comes.
Conjoining, pleading
the comfortable bleeding has quit seeping.
Strength and promise.
No more malice.
Now it’s deep,
struggles no longer steep.
Once, a lifetime tease –
Now a daily please.

I need to confess
with you I am truly blessed.

– Chris[tine] Harris

Sincerely, Thank you.

It’s too late to apologize for what you’ve done and how you’ve treated me. I can’t imagine that you would treat anyone else like that because I know that God did not put that into your soul. Your soul is beautiful, but not conservative; passionate but confused…lost, like a red and wet faced child wandering down a rural road looking for the dog they’ve grown up with. Your fascinated with pretty things that catch your attention and admire you for one reason or another. I can see why they would admire you but I can’t see why they’d stick around to see the butterfly you won’t turn into.

You gave me things I don’t want to let anyone else give me. My miscarriage was a terrible experience but I tell you…I’ve learned a thing or two from it. You’ve chased sweets while I was watching but I let you get your taste and turned a blind eye to your indulgences. I always hated it, and you knew it, but I trusted that you would change…how, my, how I wished you’d have changed.

My heart hasn’t stopped beating for the person that I knew, deep down, you’d never be. It isn’t because you don’t want to be that person – you just don’t have it in you. I am more than enough woman for you to handle; I’m too strong for your superficiality, too literal for your euphemisms, too colorful for your black & white…there is simply too much dreaming within me to accompany your general tones.

You won’t get the best of me. This is my life, my story. And I won’t take a step back for you.Thanks for all you’ve taught me. I’ve forgiven, but I’ll never forget.

Full Moonlight

Moonlight Meadow

You ask me if I understand…I reply in hopes to ease the fear.
It’s not often you find someone
so intriguing, so lovely, so…
So faithful, so resilient, so…
Handsome and beautiful.
Sculpted with the truest of embraced imperfections.
Like the tallest oaks
blown by the midsummer storm.
Strong and determined,
unyielding to the path
of becoming worn…
Weak and unsettled.

You! You are something great!

Those things we find only in dreams,
those thoughts that lie down deep,
those emotions that taunt and tweak.
What I thought I once was but now will only
Be the whole I’ve searched for.
Like a ship to a beacon,
a moth to the flame.
A grasshopper in the full moonlight.
You can’t have one without the other.

Souls Do Smile

Signature --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

If I wrote you a letter you’d probably shed a tear of happiness but also possibly one of angst. You might consider me to be less understanding than you’d originally thought but the truth is I cannot understand all that encompasses the human condition and neither can you. I can write to you and tell you how beautiful you are, the way your mind works and the passion you have in your heart, the way your skin shimmers in the sunlight, your strength and how it is bigger than anything you could build in a gym. The calmness in your presence, that feeling that floods the veins of even the most delinquent of individuals with sweetness like that from honeysuckles. The speechless conversations we have with our eyes is the rawest I’ve ever heard your heart speak.

I’d tell you I don’t understand it all and I’d tell you I’m still learning. Write you and tell you I feel the wholehearted warmth of love in my soul but have the broad grip of a heartsore past encompassing it although I beg it desperately to let go. Tell you how I feel the arresting sensation of your electric touch and the submission of the brick and mortar protecting my core. I’d tell you I am broken but unexhausted, unwilling to allow concentrated anguish to make me believe there isn’t better. The suffering hasn’t defined me… It has strengthened me.

The investigation of something new is always unexpected, like trying to read with blind eyes. It satisfies the salty desires of our tongue as we leave the safe refuge of what we know is our truth. The inconvenience of an unknowing mind is overpowered by the desires of an authentic soul searching for sincerity. The abstract flatness of what was once perceived to be life is rejuvenated with the spice of something new, different, interesting… and hopefully long-lasting.

Love may be a paradox but without it our souls would never smile.

The Jarring Reality – Something for the People

I must admit, currently I am overcome with emotion. An emotion that digs deep into the trenches of my heart and is filtering out an ambition for equality and oneness. A tenderness so passionate that I cannot control the tears in my eyes and the lump in my throat begging to evict itself of my body. The innate sense of direction leads me, and it leads me to want to write more. It is leading me to want to speak with people, to converse with them on an intimate level, to understand who and what they are, feel their emotions and journalize their passions. I can’t think of a place in my personal and communal society where a certain individual hasn’t shaped who I am today. I can’t think of a place in my historical and preceding society that hasn’t shaped who I am today; giving me what I need to breathe and eat – these things that give me nutrients and knowledge and wisdom. These abilities to even consider that there was a time before me in which…I simply didn’t matter. My words, my thoughts, my knowledge, my being – just simply didn’t matter.

The abilities I have now are empowering. I have, at my fingertips, that ability to speak to the world. They ability that I can, without lawful retribution, express myself as I see and feel needed. That I can move those who wish to be moved. That I can speak for myself and allow not another person to dictate what I wish to decide for myself. You see – I cannot be disturbed or terrorized by any one particular person or group any longer. I cannot and will not be demonized for what you perceive me to be. And I cannot and will not be disgraced by the hands of those who misunderstand nor do not wish to understand me. The surface of this world is not mine to control, but the working of the superficiality starts with a passion. The workings that go deeper than superficiality, the workings that dig into the seven layers of well-used skin and drive into the muscle that manifests the incalculable possibilities of the human sensibilities that we each withhold.

No longer will I hang my head in doubt or disappointment. No longer will I bite my tongue for refuge or pleasurable attention. No longer!…will I stand here and allow you to intimidate me in whichever way you please. I cannot comprehend your destruction and inhumane practices. The only thing that rattles and awakes me is the unity and oneness amongst ourselves. The jarring reality is, is that there is not a single thing you can take from me that I won’t allow you to take…