Midday Love Moments

It’s been over 365
never less than a euphoric vibe

From that first day you told me what’s inside

I knew my life would change

Change for the good and for the better

Got my body light as a feather

And my mind set on forever

With you, I’m locked in.

Locked in this look

Of everything it took

When we came together, ground shook

And everyday it grows

It’s growing into the depths

Of my heart which was once inept

But each day, a new step 

Into the direction I call home

Home is your touch

And the way we smile so much

Or the numerous ways you make my whole body blush

And each way you delight my soul

Please know that you delight all of me

Because together we can just ‘be’

No pressure, no struggle…just free

Loving so unconditionally. 

Loving as King and Queen

Loving with the same magnificent dream,

A vision of love so clear and clean

Feeling like a once in a lifetime kind of thing! 


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