Frozen Rain

If I told you all the ways I’d love you in life,

Franklin would have never

flown his kite.

The eel would still swim on bottom

without shock for supper.

The frozen rain in thunder clouds

May never dance their charging number.

The natural ways you sew your seed

Perfectly between me into my deep.

It’s passionate act of love and need

Generate power for us to keep.

The poles tower high

And the wires swing strong

To carry the current to fly

Across the world long.

My tiny fire is ready

But what will you do with its power?

Hold this electric love steady

Because the electricity will never sour.

This natural born

And natural bread

Grant from the heavens

Will widely spread.

My love for you is electrified,

Burning those who don’t respect

It’s power and passion for lightened eyes

Beneath the sheath of its mesmerizing effect.

**Content is a product of Chris[tine] Alise Harris – Teal Feathers Art. Photo taken by me. 


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