Twin Flame

It starts with a match
lit with commitment.
Set to some kindling
with calm excitement.

You wait for the catch
the spread of the heat.
The dry splintered pieces
placed, stacked and neat.

The mesmerizing embers
begin their dance and spread;
the silent life of the fire
without even a word said.

With a stir comes the heat.
I can feel it on my skin;
warm and dry, quick and fast.
More comforting than ever been.

The smoke is thick and gentle,
small breaths crackle and pop.
The red and orange reaches higher
underneath it burns white hot.

It stokes with another log
ash fireflys spread their wings.
A manifest of the same flame,
a twin flame is now seen.

The crossover of embers
the share of once one blue flame
dances in their comfortable light
without the worry of rain.

Burning a heat so colorful and hot
can overwhelm and lose control
but they’re from the same log
only extinguishing will take the toll.

They dance and jump
continuing to indulge in what it’s fed.
Caress it with passion
and it will always spread.

It continues to mesmerize
and to warm and to burn
the twin flame just as beautiful
as they twist and turn.

Together they are one
defeating all of chemistry;
stirring each other now
absolutely incredibly.

-Chris[tine] Harris


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