Old Friend in Nature

rain pictureThe rain is loud enough it has silenced my thoughts. I have had a breather for but a mere moment… as long as mother nature decides I may need one. For this – I am thankful. Life has simply been pouring down on me but when I look up and smile into the rain, I can’t help but feel a joyous upheaval of emotions because it is never “the right time” although, in fact, the right time will never come if you wait.

It began raining tonight. First a little, then a lot. Then it drifted off and across the field; I could see it like an old friend waving me hello. Then it came back with the booms and blunders of the thunder, the lightening, and the eager calls of the crickets. Now it’s gentle, soft and welcoming – like a child’s hand stretched out needing you… As the moths flicker into the enticing light hanging out by the door one may wonder if they are escaping the droplets, surely because it would be cause for death to such fragile wings. The seeping water shows its face into the wood, the screen, I can even feel the misty splashes upon my forehead and cheeks, forearms and bare feet slid out of my favorite flip flops.

The rain washes things away – the mud on the road ahead, the dustiness of the path less traveled, the leaves from the trees – and always reveals something beautiful. For your road ahead is now clean, the path is worn enough to see, and those leaves….those leaves turn into all shades before they fall and then come back again with unforgiving desire to be better and stronger.

I’m so glad I wrote tonight. It feels like oxygen to my lungs and blood in my veins when my thoughts come together long enough for me to get them on paper… Cheers everyone!



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