Full Moonlight

Moonlight Meadow

You ask me if I understand…I reply in hopes to ease the fear.
It’s not often you find someone
so intriguing, so lovely, so…
So faithful, so resilient, so…
Handsome and beautiful.
Sculpted with the truest of embraced imperfections.
Like the tallest oaks
blown by the midsummer storm.
Strong and determined,
unyielding to the path
of becoming worn…
Weak and unsettled.

You! You are something great!

Those things we find only in dreams,
those thoughts that lie down deep,
those emotions that taunt and tweak.
What I thought I once was but now will only
Be the whole I’ve searched for.
Like a ship to a beacon,
a moth to the flame.
A grasshopper in the full moonlight.
You can’t have one without the other.


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