Mother Natures Velvet

I haven’t been here in a while although I miss it.

Those feelings I once had, they are long gone my friend. They’ve been buried in the back yard with the ash from burning trash in the old barrel.

The leaves change like the emotion I wear on my sleeve. Sometimes red like blood and other times, yellow as the bright light of the morning sun. I can feel the dirt in my fingertips from digging in too deep, soft but gritty – irritating and messy with clean up needed. My hands were comfortable in the moss when I touched the tree; like mother natures velvet.

The rings of the tree remind me that with age comes wisdom. With age comes knowledge. With age…sometimes comes pain. With age… often times comes moments of happiness and realization. I’ve grown with wisdom, and knowledge, and noticed that these rings keep layering on the effects of age for not only the tree but for me.

It’s been a while since I’ve been here but I still miss it.


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