In the End

Made by: Chris[tine] Harris

Made by: Chris[tine] Harris

This is a chance I took, my blog. It’s developed in six months far more than I thought it would. I’ve gained new followers and – dare I say it friends! I feel like I’ve connected with all of my readers on some level. I wanted to take a moment to say a very heart felt Thank you!” to those of you who follow me, and even those of who you do not but stop by and let me know your still looking from a distance.

In four days, my blog will be six months old. It’s young and still growing, but it really is a living and breathing thing. It takes time, love, and a lot of moments of your life to develop something your passionate about. Each day I reflect, my readers are a big reason I continue coming back. Not only have I developed an intense passion for writing, but my readers have helped me feel welcome in the world of writing and self-expression. The conversations I’ve had, the friendships I’ve developed with such wonderful people, and the reading I’ve been doing on others blogs is all like the dollop of vanilla ice cream in my root-beer float. It really makes it so worthwhile, because let’s face it – what’s a float without the ice cream?

I wanted to thank my readers first of all and give some support to new bloggers, writers, and the like because there are so many varieties of people here. You can do it, trust me. When you think there isn’t anyone who will listen, someone will be there. Your writing isn’t just bathroom material, it gets people up in the morning – revitalizing them and getting them ready for their day. It’s comforting those who think they’re the only one’s on the face of this earth that can’t comprehend that someone else shares the same thoughts. It’s the support the girl who’s going green needs to keep up her endeavors. It’s the humbling refresher for the woman who’s been divorced for over ten years because she is not alone – and many find her quite funny. It’s the young couple that’s taking on more than they can chew but they’re doing it in stride. It’s even the the guy that has more opinion’s than the law allows, whether you’d like to hear them or not. But mostly, it’s everyone’s story. It’s everyone’s chance to let the world into what it is that they do, and it really means a lot.

So this is me saying a big THANK YOU! to everyone who reads, follows, aspires, or is expressing themselves in what ever ways they can. Because… In the end, the only regrets we have are the chances we didn’t take…and I am so glad I took this one!

Cheers –


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