Alternative Learning – For the Budding Writer

I’ve started new classes today. One is already teaching me that I need to expand my reading and my vocabulary. Beginning with Survey of 20th Century Writers has me reading numerous pieces that were articulately written from 1900 and beyond. Happening upon different vernacular from various points upon the world such as Ireland, Britain and America (so far) has showed me that even the simplest things have been changed or altered throughout short stories, novels, and poetry. It’s really been quite amazing to read and decipher even part of the meaning behind these stories. I wanted to share with you all some simple experiences I have encountered already that really have me wanting to read more works from times before any of us could remember or imagine.

  • The vocabulary has me opening my dictionary almost every time I pick up my book.
    This is interesting to me because I am learning to expand my vocabulary into an almost forgotten language. It’s enticing, helpful & nonetheless expansive to a budding writer.
  • The scenery is different. It’s explained, sometimes told, and frequently shown differently. I can’t help but notice the varying ways in which writers write today, and how writers before us once wrote.
    The pronouns and nouns aren’t the same, verbs and adverbs present themselves when necessary, and the looming air of imagination is constantly changing directions. I’ve learned through this that sometimes the necessity you think is there, really isn’t, and there is a way to further your landscape of images.

I probably would have never picked up a writing with the amount of dust I am sure the originals of my current readings accumulated but now, I encourage you to pick up an old book and wipe off it’s dust and uncover something new, something that may refresh you as it has refreshed me. Understand/study it & pick up your dictionary every time the unknown announces itself. Expand yourself and your writing.



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