Mental Muscle

Upon stepping into 2015, I wanted to recognize how I can improve my critical thinking skills. Understanding that not everyone thinks the same way you do can be quite frustrating at times and often overtakes us with the thought that people are out to get us with their intellectual banter. This, however big a pill to swallow, is not always the case I assure you. A sense of curiosity can perhaps kill the proverbial cat, but generally it leads to a more balanced understanding and appreciation for the values you do & do not hold.

I feel that there is perhaps a lack in critical thinking for many folks these days. It’s not like we always want to jump the gun, but we do this because we are consumed with our own belief systems and couldn’t comprehend or fathom the thought that someone would disagree with our beliefs. Think of it less as a disagreement and more of a gathering of thoughts and information. Perhaps you even have the chance to allow someone to build the framework for understanding a different perspective, possibly one you have that they do not.

Practicing the fine art of critical thinking might be slightly tiresome for me as it would anyone else because it takes a lot of energy to gather and process information and knowledge instead of just taking the next or closest available conclusion – also known as the availability heuristic. Upon reflection, I can say I don’t want to just take an answer for what someone says it may be, I want to allow myself to develop a conclusion through understanding and not assumption. There could be an alternative out there that I am unaware of if I am to rely on only what I know currently.

What do you think? More on this later…


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