Environmental Humility

Some days I wish I was an acoustic hipster singer, other days I wish I was as fast as a mustang horse running across the desert with nothing but the wind in my way. It really all depends on something that is so simple, yet so frustrating to control. The environment I surround my self in. It can be electric like a thousand volts running through my soul – a force driving me so powerful that I cannot stop it. Other days I could easily lose myself in the couch watching re-runs of Big Bang Theory or Law & Order S.V.U. like the tortoise running the race with that damn rabbit. Forget him and his powerful hind legs – pass the popcorn! The echo of productivity resonates within me, but on those particular days it does absolutely nothing – it just gives me a day off and lets me bask in the origin of laziness. Please note the ‘origin of laziness’ – I feel so guilty when I am to extend those times into the depths of laziness for this is not who I am, nor who I want to be.

Our environments are a seasoned predictor of who we are to become. Having long heard of the trials and tribulations of someone such as Jobe, we cannot comprehend why an individual would come across these paths in life. I am not versed extensively on Jobe, but I have heard of him all of my life. It makes me wonder what his environments were like in life – what was the energy around him like? Was he whitewashed with negativity and submissive to the casual tendencies of life to storm down on him? Is this why he came across all of those many unsettling happenings in his life? Well how come he couldn’t just stand up and say “No More! I am DONE with this inapt lifestyle I have been born to!” Maybe because he was predisposed to it, maybe because he chose to live this way, or dare I say it – maybe God chose this life for him. I am unsure as to what the proper answer is, but I will take some lessons from him and make some necessary alterations for my own life as to not allow those wicked unanswered proceedings to overtake me.

Understanding how to address your environment is a task that may at times seem unattainable. The authentication of having power of your own environment is something that somehow escapes us every time we look for it. We cannot have complete control over our environment due to the inability to control the willpower of others, but we do have control over what we do in our environments. We can leave, escape it and leave behind the remnants of what we once might have been. Change it, alter it into a state in which blossoms the truth within ourselves and offers a more suitable attribution to what we want to become. We can organically rebuild ourselves to the sculpture in which we desire, this is what you have power over. Complementing yourself with the right stream of consciousness around you, fitting it in just where it needs to be and giving yourself the understanding to let go of what you cannot control.



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