Taking Myself Seriously

I know everyone is reflecting on who they were and what they did this year, and I am no stranger to this somewhat defunct tradition that we as people try to harvest new energy from for the following year. I explain it as “defunct” because quite frankly, how many of us are to truly hold steady to our New Years Resolutions? How long might we hold onto them? What will they be? Will they be life changing and hold an impact to not only ourselves but to other around us? If we are able to have an impact on ourselves, we surly should have an impact on others.

This year I am going to think of my New Years Resolution as an originating point for the rest of my life. I have lived 25 years strong on this earth in one fashion – some of which I wasn’t completely in control of having been a child, other times I found myself dabbling in different things but never felt strongly enough about it to stick with it. I feel that now I have enough knowledge within me to make appropriate decisions for myself – body, mind and soul. It’s a refreshing start to the vicious cycle that somehow we all seem to get stuck in somewhere in life. My mother has taught me well enough, and my grandmother has also so this should lay a good foundation for this road I am going to be traveling. I have a quixotic great aunt that helped raise me when my mom needed her most and while abstract as she was, she helped my understanding of life in some of it’s most absurd instances. I have to give praise to individuals I have met along the way in life – whether good or bad, each has taught me something about myself upon reflection.

In starting this new journey (so to say) I am going to probably display a sort of obsessive love for myself. This is to include what I put into my body, what I nourish my mind with, and how my soul is to resonate my ideologies outward. I want to live an organic lifestyle, be a yogi, and take my self more seriously. While the societal definition of obsessive love for one’s self is there, that isn’t my goal. My goal is to love myself enough to allow other people to love me and to love themselves. It’s more of an understanding of the world around me in which I live and how I go about living in it.

What’s your New Years Resolution?

I’m off to yoga – have a wonderful day!


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