The Funny Thing About Voices

It’s been a minute.
It’s been a lahng while. *go ahead and say it like that*
Well damn, wher’ya been hidin’ at?
*yeah, this one too*
I havn’t seen you lately.

Either way you slice it, I haven’t had the time lately to post so I have been absent. Please forgive me, for I do muddle through my wordpress app while I am away but there is no justification in the writing process on a phone for me. I just can’t do it. It’s like trying to slice vidalia onions into perfectly symmetrical slices with a paring knife. It just does not work for me. I need my big, sharp, short keyed keyboard to do the trick.

Lately, I have found much humor in the various forms of voice. It has always amazed me, but now we are going over it in my writing class I am currently in and I have found some interesting things I would like to share with you. First of all, voice in writing is something that can be hard to achieve and requires some [very creative] work. For the sake of this blog, I would love to have some fun with y’all and see what we can come up with. What are some of your regional/familial sayings you’ve grown up saying? Hearing? Even understanding a certain thing to be only this particular word instead of what everyone else calls it? One of the most interesting one’s I have heard so far is calling a couch a chesterfield.

If you were to hear me talk instead of reading my writing, you may think I have a thick accent with a southern flare, giving way to the y’alls and heavy r’s, higher pitched u’s and y’s, and then you get fire which sounds like fahr. E’s are almost non-existent in my own personal (regional/familial sayings) unless you can pick them out of the letters they are blended with or unless I say pecan. You’ll really think that there is something in my house called a “pee-can” and form an opinion that I still don’t have indoor plumbing. These are the things I am talking about. And by the way, it drives me nuts when someone says peacahn. Like, hello, it’s PECAN! Lol.

Some of the things I grew up saying, or currently say, goes as follows:

  • Lay-Z-Boy (always the recliner, couch was a couch, but the couch at grandmas was a sofa)
  • Pocket Book not a purse
  • Y’all but I hate typing the apostrophe. It’s like a hatchet chopping the true word yall in half. Ridiculous.
  • Tenny Runners (always my moms shoe, but I have Vans, and yes that is the name brand but somehow had turned into all of my shoes)
  • Fahr say it like that and it might make sense. It’s the way I say fire.
  • Lightnin’ – forget half of the i’s and the g’s and your saying it right!
  • Fridge (never a refrigerator)
  • Amblance (not an ambulance)
  • Liable – your not likely to do something, your liable to do it.)
  • Ant (aunt, but I promise she isn’t an insect. I have a lot of wonderful aunts!)
  • Reckon’n (your thinking, forget the apostrophe and extra n and your getting ready to do something)
  • Lollygagin’ – there were no dolls harmed in this saying. Playing around and not doing what your supposed to.
  • Fussin’ not arguing.
  • Nho instead of No.
  • Knothead (a real prick or knuckle head, without the rope!)
  • Sunday Driver (god love my mother, but this is stuck with me. Whatever day of the week, it doesn’t matter. If you drive slow and you will get this name. Originally taken from the after church crowd on Sunday’s, respectivly.)
  • Wet a line / drown a lure (I’m going fishing!)

Please leave me a comment and let me know some of yours. Type them out how they sound and let me feel the word. I’ve always loved the creole, Louisiana Cajun voice. North Carolina with a twist of southern Virginia has always had my tongue tied up in knots and I can’t shake it for the life of me. It’s who I am. Sharing your voice and finding the voice of your characters is like sharing a piece of yourself, ever-so-quietly and almost with a camouflage.

– Anxiously awaiting!


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