Creating Voices for Characters (Part 2 of 3)

Green, Bean Arms

(A polysyllabic poem that reflects the perspective of a new employee)

Raring to go
as I hustle through the chain linked gate
to my first real job.
I hope they find me helpful.

Lunch packed, shirt buttoned up tight.
These pants are stiff with starch
but I am sure I’ll wear them in.
Blending in instead of being “the new guy”

Because everyone despises a new guy.
They won’t have to take time from their day
to train a young guy like me.
Because I am smart

I should have gone to college.
But money is faster than a degree
and I can make it hard like them.
As long as they don’t break my back.

My hands are soft when I shake his hand
and a smirk is revealed from the old gentleman.
I can already feel my forearm burning with new muscle growth
as he hands me a discerningly gestured “hello”.


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