Creating Voices for Characters (Part 1 of 3)

Teach ’em or Preach ’em

(A monosyllabic poem, from the perspective of an old employee of a job that has been there for too many years)

I see new ones comin’ in,
think they know’s it all.
Sit back in ma’ chair
and laugh at what they don’t.

The boss, ya’ know he like me
but he can’t get me no good help.
An old guy like me needs a strong back
from the young folks, where are they?

I keep an eye on the time
and laugh with the other
old heads like me.
Makes the time tick fast

‘cause my time is short.
Like life.
It’s been too long for me,
waste these years out here

and I lost the smart
and got the sense
that they don’t teach in the books.
Pass it down

to the new help.
Save the world as best I can
‘cause they ain’t gon’ learn
if it won’t for this old head.


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