returning That Letter


Finding a letter to a lost love is like a gold mine that you wished you’d never stumbled upon. The message in a bottle that isn’t yours, the tears and heartbreaks that belong to someone else; but you still relate. The over-joyous moments, the beers shared, and even the ripping and tearing of the hearts that once sewed you together like patchwork dolls that only appear in mountain folklore. If I am still reading this letter, there is still a hopeful, yet lonesome, individual out there who is longing for its proper recipient. I have got to find this person in which it belongs to… I am determined to assist them in delivering this message I have found scribbled, yet written in heartfelt overwhelming passion and urgency. I realize I have lost this love they are determined to find once again and I cannot bear to allow another individual to undertake the pangs and pains of love had and love lost. #Writing101 #Assignments #Practice


4 thoughts on “returning That Letter

  1. Put yourself on the side of the reader. How do you feel when you read it? Do you feel what the writer wants you to feel so you will be emotionally invested and interested? Do you think if you broke up the one paragraph into several paragraphs that it would be easier to read and more inviting to the reader?


    • Yes, I think that I need to work on breaking up writings into more paragraphs. I think I kept it one paragraph here because the assignment was to be brief and I felt one paragraph (in it’s nature) was enough. I didn’t want to get too lengthy. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂


  2. Excellent. Check basic grammar. I think your thoughts are clear and strong. Keep up the good work. Good written communication is a very powerful tool.


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