Window Pane

The candles burn and the wind blows softly against the single pane windows. Leaves wisp by reminding you that the time has arrived. The colors are changing and the old oak tree sways in contentment; pleased to have seen another of it’s many years. Feeling the warmth of the sun and the chill of the breeze, I know that this time has come again. Time for cozy pit fires, evenings filled with beautiful sunsets, and the hibernation of our beloved foliage and wildlife. Sweatshirts and flannels become a staple, along with denim and a good serving of my favorite hot beverage like coffee or hot apple cider. I can no longer wear my favorite flip-flops and have traded them in for a comfortable pair of boots, acknowledging that their not filled with sand for I am a beach girl at heart regardless of the season. There is just something about the drawn out crash of the waves, the prominence of the soft sand, the mystery and serenity of what the beach offers; it cannot keep me away for long.

Saying goodbye to summer is never easy. It’s the goodbye to warm sunny days and the outfall of happiness, the goodbye to summer love and the return to reality, the retirement of long days and few threads for clothes. Trips to the lake are a past time, along with boat rides and cookout’s. Family vacations and memories made are remembered, not forgotten. The beach towels are put away. Gardeners say goodbye to their precious blooms of color and activity throughout the year, giving way to the cutbacks and dying off; shades of brown, red and yellow are beginning to encompass us.

It really appears to be a time of year for death and sadness. It appears as though the world is simply shutting down on us, persuading us to return indoors and accept the walls that stare us down throughout the wintertime. The beauty is oftentimes hard to see in this time of year. With the constant lingering of  progressively chilling weather, our favorite trees are losing their leaves as if they are crying for the suns warmth once again – if only for a moment. Animals are collecting, hopefully, enough food to sustain them throughout the winter, and we humans are checking our furnace and wood supply for it’s promising warmth. Lives are shutting down, hibernation is actively taking place, and although springtime is simply a place in time, it seems as though it will take an eternity to reach.

This place in time is probably one of my favorites. It gives a chance for recharging and enlightenment, a quiet peaceful time that reminds us we all have to slow down once in a while. The gradualness of the shortened days, the requests for holiday arrangements and appointments, and even the long, dense books that keep us innately intrigued throughout the months – it’s like you can feel the intense solidarity and quiet that snow blankets around us with all of its insulation. It’s the most lonesome sentiment, yet it carries the beauty that is unknown until it has been experienced. Within this feeble place in time, we are reminded of what brought us to this rare, and sometimes unwanted moment. The hustle and bustle has left us, the sunshine doesn’t lead our way anymore – only the paths swept clean of leaves and other notable changes can carry us to our next destination now.


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