Mirrored Emotions: Learning to Stay Strong in Your Craft


You know it’s not always easy just to write. Just to sit down and compile thoughts into one category, decide what your going to do with them, and then actually reflect on the topic. And that’s before you even begin. Sometimes it’s like all your muscle’s are paralyzed, not allowing you to move your hand, the nerves in your fingers longing for the sensation of a pen in between them. If all you could do was just grab onto your keyboard, you’d get it out, all of those thoughts spilled onto your precious keys somehow lifting the weight off of your crippled shoulders.

There are people who cannot take the scrutiny, the opinions of others whether good or bad still have an effect on you. We allow ourselves to succumb to the views of others knowing they are not our own. Essentially, we are robbing ourselves of what true independence we were born with. The independence to determine our own identity and work on it in whatever way we are capable.

So whether it’s poetry or paintings, short stories or sketching, our craft is ours. Everyone is born with a craft or talent, some are even lucky enough to have multiple. But many will shy away from audiences, fearful of the unknown and unexpected hiding like a turtle in it’s shell without any intent on coming out unless the coast is clear. We cannot share the joy of our crafts and bring light to our world’s through the insides of our shells. Everything is an adventure and we must derive our courage out of strength, strength to share a special piece of ourselves with the world around us.

Allowing yourself the indulgence is necessary, providing yourself with the ability is significant. There is a child within each of us that screams for our mothers hand, but sadly that hand will be let go one day. With a reminder that we are strong enough to grow from our experiences and overcome the mirrored emotions to which we cannot show our crafts, there is no greater allowance in life than sharing a part of you with a part of someone else. Your work may have a parallel impact upon your viewers, your listeners, your audience…even those strangers who walk past you every day that you can’t make eye contact with, staring at the ground because it is more comfortable for you.

I have been here. I am still here. Slowly and surely I will overcome my fears and crawl out of my shell, moving slow as molasses probably. But! It will be done. I am determined and I am growing. I just want you all to know that you are not alone as you walk through this forest of life in all of it’s entanglements. As we all have difficulties in life just never forget to remember how you could impact someone with something that you were born with; that craft, that talent, that thing that is all your own.

It’s not easy, but it can be done.

Cheers to you my friend.



*photo courtesy of connectyourpower.com


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