Anarchy. Bedlam. Disorganization. Unruliness. Free-for-all.

It doesn’t matter what you call it, it is still one thing and one thing only. Chaos.

Bleeding lust for something different out of hearts that are tamed for domination. It is a simple thing really, when you think about it. All we want is something different. Something that could be promising. Something that might be better. Something that is better than what we know to be our destined life of compartmentalized regulations and rules guiding us to that unfortunate, but possibly captivating time of death.

For the life of me I have never completely understood the act of chaos although I disclose it. It is something that makes me uncomfortable and restless, unhealthy and nominal. Feeling small in the terms of chaos, I decide to shield myself from utter confusion, relying only on the information that I have carried with me for 25 years of life thus far. 25 years of life thus far hasn’t been dandelions and daisies. More like jumping from stone to stone in an effort not to touch the weeds of fire which burn my feet to the bone.

I have learned numerous things. Change…that’s not one of those numerous things. I feel this is connected to chaos in a sense with all of its evolving mannerisms and expectancy of what must come of our lives. We are expected to do “x,y, & z” and simply fall in line. But this…I also have a problem with. So I feel as though sometimes I am at a Y in the road of life and at a loss for what to do.

Life is full of unexpected turns and twists, the ones that make you feel like the roller-coaster is about to come off the tracks. The ones that make you grab for your seat belt and hold on for dear life. Those ones that make you feel like your brain is about to rattle off it’s frame and come undone into a million pieces; grey matter spattered around like the graffiti underneath of bridges, overpasses, and the sides of buildings.

We’ve got to make sense of this graffiti. Give it lines and depth, color and exquisiteness. Readable for ourselves and leading for the rest.

We’ve got to form it into our artwork that we claim as our abstract lifeblood…it pumps through our veins each and every day, begging us to conceive a perception of the world we live in.

We must remain open.

We must remain positive.

We must remain true.

We must remain reasonable.

Be willing to change with the tides, let the waves hit your feathers and let them hit hard. Just remember your true self, your true color, and allow that as your base. Share your story and let your story share you in whatever dimensions it leads you.

Cheers to you always my friends.



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