the life experiment…

I am excited to announce that this will be a new journey in life for me.


I never thought I would do it. Of course, there are many things in life that we all thought we wouldn’t do…ever. Things we thought would never happen to us. Things we never imagined in our wildest dreams that would fall upon us like a ton of bricks. Even things that occasionally are the daisies in our weed patch. Hopefully, more often than not, we can dance in the daisies and enjoy our lives to the fullest extent. 

From the muddy waters of blackwater, I hope to extend my thoughts to you about my own life experiment. Learn to never cut your feathers back, and let the wind take you where it may. Ride the breeze and take in the sights, but keep your wings strong and brace for the storms you surely will encounter. 


that girl chris


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