Its been too long!

Wow. It’s been almost three years since I have written something in this blog… Its been almost as long since I have kept a steady journal… I actually started journaling off and on again since last Holiday but I can’t believe I let it get away from me like this! I’m convinced the creative light-bulb has been struck dim again in recent years sadly. I’ve just had so many other things to worry over, however those things just seemed to have crept in like some uninvited guest… Icky.

How is it we can lose ourselves when we thought we were out finding the best of ourselves? Here I was, determined to shake off all the excess baggage that was weighing me down… I did that. And I did it well. Then I guess somewhere down the line I decided I’d pick some baggage up again! What a genius idea that was of me! (Please tell me you heard the sarcasm.)

Sure these new bags were bright, shiny and eye-catching like most are. Then they get heavy, sometimes looming like creepy trees in the cemetery. Some came in the form of a 30 year mortgage, a new longer drive to work, sudden medical costs, people passing away, court cases, life altering weather reports and driving through open farmland feeling every single ribbon of the wind wrapping itself tightly around your vehicle. Others came in like lambs but earned high stress ranking. Job promotions and new work mates can make you want to pull your hair out sometimes, especially when its a surprise. I’ll go in depth about all this new baggage in other posts but I did want to let you know a handful of happenings.

It’s not your usual “Oh, Kids & Marriage have changed my life! I simply don’t have time!” No. There have been no children. There has been no marriage. There aren’t even any pets! I’m just out here living life. And while no one dances in the daisies all hours of the day, we have those times when life just gets in the way.

But I’m back. I have got to flip the light-switch back on again. The bulb needs to burn bright again….

Midday Love Moments

It’s been over 365
never less than a euphoric vibe

From that first day you told me what’s inside

I knew my life would change

Change for the good and for the better

Got my body light as a feather

And my mind set on forever

With you, I’m locked in.

Locked in this look

Of everything it took

When we came together, ground shook

And everyday it grows

It’s growing into the depths

Of my heart which was once inept

But each day, a new step 

Into the direction I call home

Home is your touch

And the way we smile so much

Or the numerous ways you make my whole body blush

And each way you delight my soul

Please know that you delight all of me

Because together we can just ‘be’

No pressure, no struggle…just free

Loving so unconditionally. 

Loving as King and Queen

Loving with the same magnificent dream,

A vision of love so clear and clean

Feeling like a once in a lifetime kind of thing! 

Love Rythym

With love

from above

Like a dove

I’m struck

I can’t help but to feel

Those precious ways that you seal

The love that you deal

To me, soulfully 

Undoubtedly, it’s become

The second breath I’m coming from

No longer fitful and numb

I’ve opened up

I can’t begin to even tell you

All those things your spell did do

Like life has finally started on cue

With me and my one and only, (you!)

To have and to hold

To grow fond and old

Built only for the bold

Like this love I’ve got for you 

Twin Flame

An old favorite of mine… Thought it deserved a second look for the first time in a few months!

Teal Feathers

It starts with a match
lit with commitment.
Set to some kindling
with calm excitement.

You wait for the catch
the spread of the heat.
The dry splintered pieces
placed, stacked and neat.

The mesmerizing embers
begin their dance and spread;
the silent life of the fire
without even a word said.

With a stir comes the heat.
I can feel it on my skin;
warm and dry, quick and fast.
More comforting than ever been.

The smoke is thick and gentle,
small breaths crackle and pop.
The red and orange reaches higher
underneath it burns white hot.

It stokes with another log
ash fireflys spread their wings.
A manifest of the same flame,
a twin flame is now seen.

The crossover of embers
the share of once one blue flame
dances in their comfortable light
without the worry of rain.

Burning a heat so colorful and hot
can overwhelm…

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Frozen Rain

If I told you all the ways I’d love you in life,

Franklin would have never

flown his kite.

The eel would still swim on bottom

without shock for supper.

The frozen rain in thunder clouds

May never dance their charging number.

The natural ways you sew your seed

Perfectly between me into my deep.

It’s passionate act of love and need

Generate power for us to keep.

The poles tower high

And the wires swing strong

To carry the current to fly

Across the world long.

My tiny fire is ready

But what will you do with its power?

Hold this electric love steady

Because the electricity will never sour.

This natural born

And natural bread

Grant from the heavens

Will widely spread.

My love for you is electrified,

Burning those who don’t respect

It’s power and passion for lightened eyes

Beneath the sheath of its mesmerizing effect.

**Content is a product of Chris[tine] Alise Harris – Teal Feathers Art. Photo taken by me. 

Nights Like These

It’s nights like these I miss you most.

I know you’ll be back but your still so far.

I can’t help but think about our one day special toast. 

But there is still so much left for us to explore. 

It’s not like we made this on time.

We didn’t plan to fall in love

And this doesn’t have the promise of a dime

But I know that this is a step above.

It’s crazy what we put ourselves threw 

To finally find what suits us best. 

Because now everything is what we’re willing to do

To keep this burning brighter than the rest. 

I need you in my life

As we count all the things that have made us strong

Because our past’s shouldn’t be taken in strife

This love we’ve got could be so long

I need you next to me

So close I can always feel your skin

Because that’s the only place I want to be

Finding the me I’ve never been…
**All artwork and writings are a product of Chris[tine] Alise Harris/Teal Feathers Art. Photography done by Morgan Hayes Photography.

I Need You



[This is more of a tune rather than a poem, to be specific, a Lauryn Hill tune.]

I love this life I share with youI can’t take my eyes off of you
I need you all night and day
Can’t help myself from just wanting to stay
Wrapped up in your love so tight
This soul dance a delight
To add you and me
Precious hearts just be free

I love this life I share with you
I can’t take my eyes off of you
Got me feeling safe and secure
And begging “please forever!”
Your sweet touch is so fine
Kissing the chills on my spine
Our hands together tight
As we walk by His guiding light

I love this life I share with you
I can’t take my eyes off of you
We only smile so they don’t detect us
But we laugh because it’s infectious
This perfect love between souls
Is something everyone should hold
In our time you’ll only find
The true meaning to ‘sublime’

My handsome baby
I need you daily
And through all these lonely nights
I’ve got our future in sights
Like stars set across the sky
All we’ve got to do is try
I love this life I share with you
I can’t take my eyes off of you.


**Artwork and writing is a product of Chris[tine] Alise Harris – Teal Feathers Art.

I think

  I think of when it started, and I really can’t be sure.

I just know I felt for you like no other could concur. 

It’s great, it’s wide, its deep and pure and true. Given we can let it be –

Because you and I’ve had trials…a blur is what we see. 

The unknown still consumes us as we tread now, forever softly

But the beaten path proves justice to even those who walk wearily.

I can’t stop it, and I don’t want to

These feelings and passions that have bled their last few.

Drips of sunlight, and happiness, and peace 

The mass of discomfort, unloving ability and trashed vocals has ceased. 

I give you my heart and I beg of you to take care of it,

To love me unconditionally and forgive me when you see fit.

To take my hand and tell me it’s going to be alright

Because baby, I don’t want to fight.

Not anymore, not ever, it’s just not me

To understand that people can still feel passionately and deeply. 

That someone could actually love…me.



I’d tell you I love you every second of every day
for the replay that’s stuck here that always seems to play.

Knowing your love
and feeling your passion
has never much been my fashion.

But I tell you, love
you changed me.
So much inside me…
Your queen I just want to be.

The rain in my heart dried up
knowing you’d be here
to fill this cup.
Longing for your touch,
I’d never get filled up.

Lay beside you and admire your silhouette
because a thought without you’d be a regret.

Giving into this devotion,
this emotion,
this powerful potion

I just want you to know
this feeling isn’t low.
I’m high into the sky
with you by my side.

Look into your eyes,
and I see the depth
where the light again crept.

I’d tell you I love you of every second of every day
because you should know I’ll always be here for you babe.

Take my hand and come with me,
we can explore everything that love was meant to be.

Feeling you inside
I don’t want to hide,
resist and hold back from this love is no longer me.

You give me what I want and what I need.
You’ve asked me to be the woman I want to be

Your Queen, the feen –
for you, for your touch
and your love.
Making me sing like a dove.

Take my hand and come with me,
we can explore everything that love was meant to be.

-Chris[tine] Harris